We snuck in some sun in while doing research in Cabo San Lucas, MX
Travel Time!  We are off to another beautiful destintion
How much do we love Cabo?  Melissa held her wedding a Fiesta Americana in Cabo San Lucas, MX
Beach life! One of our first trips to Cabo San Lucas, MX
When not traveling, we love exploring or beautiful state! Colorado is magical



Two friends who are committed to being up to something big in our lives!  With a shared passion for travel and exploration, a love for one-of-a-kind trucker hats, and a commitment to reducing our environmental impact DESTINATION COLLECTION was created. 



Swinging all her worries away in Punta Cana
Soaking in all the beauty in Spain!
Maximizing the sun no matter what!  Skiing in Colorado

I’ve always loved the beach. Every summer my family would visit Ogunquit Beach, Maine. We would float down the crystal clear river and catch waves in the freezing Atlantic Ocean. My brothers and I would build sand castles and bury each other in the fine white sand. Ogunquit takes pride in their beach and makes it a priority for the town and its tourist to clean up after themselves. They want their beach to always live up to the meaning of the town's name, Ogunquit, beautiful place by the sea.


As I grew older, I had the desire to explore beaches all across the world. I've been able to travel to beaches in the US, Spain, Greece, Mexico, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Hawaii, Canary Islands, and Puerto Rico. The beauty of these destinations makes me appreciate everything about life! Being able to experience the beach with other cultures reminds me no matter where you’re from, or what language you speak, we are all connected. We need to enjoy and respect the beauty and simplicity of mother nature and humanity during our lifetime.


During some adventures, you see the impact of tourism has on these destinations. Many of these destinations lack resources to properly dispose of waste from locals and tourist causing their beaches and oceans to become polluted.  


One particular experience really made an impact on me. I couldn’t get the image out of my head. We on a all day boat excursion in Punta Cana. We sailed along teal blue water, staring at a shoreline lined with lush green palm trees. We drank from fresh coconuts and swam with beautiful tropical fish.  As we are pulling out of the beach area in the resort shuttle, I see a older woman sitting in a run down home, staring out her window as we drive by. The house was surrounded with water bottles and trash. She looked so sad and lonely. The exact opposite of what we were experiencing. As I reached down to take a drink from my bottled water, my mind started racing. I started thinking about our wonderful vacation week and how everything we did during our vacation impacted the people that lived here. 


I thought about this for months, shared the story with several people, and that is how DESTINATION COLLECTION was created. A destination inspired collection that gives back to the communities that inspire us and educates tourist on the environmental impact we create. We want these destinations to stay beautiful forever, and the people living there to enjoy them the same way we do.

Jumping to new adventures in Cape Town, SA


Surfs up in Tamarindo, Costa Rica
Getting her yoga on in Breckenridge, Colorado

It all started with a ski trip to Breckenridge when I was in college. I had wandered off to find an area that was untouched, an area of perfect snow. When I found my spot I took a seat to catch my breath and realized I was completely alone.    As I looked around the beauty took my breath away and for the few minutes I sat there life was perfect. Life was pure bliss. This moment lit fire to the wanderlust spirit in me.


Traveling brings me joy and connectedness.  Whether it is a connection to nature or the culture I am exploring I believe in fully immersing myself in where I am traveling.  This belief stems back to my family and our traveling adventures growing up. I learned quickly from my father that traveling is about getting outside of the tourist traps and really seeing a place for its culture.  The more unique and off the grid we explored the better.


As an adult exploring and traveling have become a core value for me.  Whether it is getting lost in the woods on an afternoon trail run or safariing in South Africa, travel keeps me grounded, energized and connected.  Many times while wandering I think about what life would be like if I did not have the opportunity to explore? What if the places I love checking out did not exist? The thought completely stops me in my tracks.  To not have these places and moments would be devastating. With that in my mind, I knew I needed to protect these destinations.


DESTINATION COLLECTION was formed when my best friend had a mission to do the same.  Her mission went more than just doing her share, she wanted to create a global culture of environmental awareness and change.  Didn’t take long for her to enroll me in the mission and me to say “hell yes!”

Meet Our Designer

Anthony Bradley

Anthony Bradley is an illustration and design extraordinaire; A professional head-turner, a scribble junkie by trade, a paint splatter addict. He runs a one man design shop, Good Night Studio, currently out of his studio in sunny Denver, Colorado, or where ever he decides to sit still that day. As an avid traveler, Anthony finds constant inspiration in his adventures abroad, yet disappointment in the excessive waste destroying our wonderful destinations around the world. He believes Destination Collection’s mission paired with great design, can truly help make a difference.