Gearing up to Hike? Keep these tips in mind to keep our favorite destinations beautiful!

Get Prepared: Before even heading out for your hike make sure you are prepared for the day.

Check the Weather

- Ever been on a hike and see a big dark cloud rolling your direction? At that moment I bet you wished you had checked the weather! Storms can come in quickly so it is always good to be prepared. In the morning, check the weather and bring appropriate clothing. Throwing in a lightweight raincoat is never a bad idea either. Grab an eco-friendly backpack to throw all of your gear in so you can be prepared.


- Many times we think hikes are deep in the forest when reality is we are still outside and fully exposed to sun rays. Make sure to lube up with sunscreen and toss on one of your favorite DESTINATION COLLECTION hats to keep you shaded and stylish on the trail!

Know Your Distance

- Food: Some hikes can get long and will have you craving for a snack. Re-package snacks in a lightweight reusable bag so you can nosh on a treat when you take a break.

- Water: Long distances and steep inclines can have you sweating. It is always good to fill up your reusable “Everywhere you go, take me with you” water bottle before you head out on your hike. Nothing is worse than being out of water at the top of the hike

Where's Your Map

- Many times trailheads are out of cell service and can have limited trail markers. Download a map of the trail on your phone or print a copy of the trail prior to taking off. Make sure to bring a compass as backup. It is always a bit more reliable than your friend who swears they have an internal compass.

Hitting the Trail - Think of it this way, leave the hike as if you had never been there

Stay on the trail- You went hiking to get outside and possibly get a little dirty, RIGHT?!? Don’t be afraid of a little bit of mud on the trail. Veering off the trail creates extra erosion which would not naturally occur. - Thinking about cutting across a switchback and saving a few steps? Please think again! When you take these shortcuts you can cause rainfall funnels and paths that will erode much quicker. Get those extra 10 steps and prevent the trail erosion. What you bring in, you take out-Whether it is food, drink, tissue or toiletry…. Pack it up and take it with you! These items do not naturally occur in the wilderness and they will disrupt the environment. Do you have a bag of chips of chips or a banana peel? Take these with you as well. Food scraps affect the natural ecology of the area which ultimately can be detrimental to the species living there. Souvenirs -Flowers are pretty, and rocks can be cool. Leave them for others to admire. Don’t forget to bring your camera so you can snap a pic of these beauties. You’ll get the memory, without the impact.When ya gotta go, ya gotta go….kinda!-Popping a squat might be a favorite past time of yours… or maybe you hold it as long as you can while hiking. Either way be conscious of where you are going when you do go! -Check for water sources around you prior to dropping your drawers. Stay at least 200 feet away from streams or lakes to prevent contamination of water. -Bury it or carry it. If you had too much coffee and need to poo, make sure to dig a hold 4 - 6 inches deep and cover afterwards. If you have a furry friend with you, make sure you bag their solid waste and carry it out with you. -Never leave feminine hygiene product behind. This one hits home as we have picked up many on trails. Feminine products do not decompose and litter the environment. Plus it’s just kinda gross. Check your status before heading out on the hike to alleviate this problem. Don’t forget to bring a bag to collect trash and litter along the way!
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