Tips to Reduce Waste This Holiday Season

The holiday season is here! Calendars are filling up with holiday parties, gift exchanges and family feasts. On average, every year, Americans produce 25% more waste between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. Here are a few tips on how to enjoy the holidays and be environmentally friendly!

Avoid single use plastic (plates, silverware, cups)

Opt for reusable plates and cups. Ask friends and family to help with dishes at the end of the party. They will feel good contributing and you can share the message of environmental impact as you clean. If this isn’t an option, purchase recyclable or compostable plates, cups and cutlery. Make sure to clearly label recycle containers for proper disposal after use.

Offer finger food to cut back on cutlery usage. Not only is finger food easier to eat, it also reduces the need for cutlery all together!

Infuse Water - Instead of purchasing packs of bottled water, use a water dispenser with infused flavored water. Try cranberries and orange or mint for a fun festive flavor.

Holiday Food

Purchase local and seasonal. Picking seasonal items ensures your food is at its peak flavor. Your guests will thank you! Also, when you purchase local you give back to your community and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from your foods travels. Remember to bring your reusable bags to the grocery store or market!

Don’t over produce. Of course you never want to run out of food for your guests, but you also don’t want to have food go to waste! To reduce waste at the end of the party appropriately stock your food table at the beginning of the party and keep back up food in the fridge. Restock as necessary. If you have leftovers, freeze them or drive it to a local shelter for those in need.


Recycle or reuse. Gift bags are great because they can be used many times over. The same goes for ribbons and bows. Keep the wrappers others gift to you and reuse. The less you throw away, the less goes into the landfill.

Give a gift that keeps giving! How many times have we been gifted something that ends up sitting on our shelf, never used? Reduce clutter and help the environment by giving a reusable water bottles or glass straw. (check out for reusable gift ideas) If they have everything they need, plan an adventure. Spending time together is valued more than any tangible gift. Need ideas of adventures? Check out our next blog for ideas.


Choose LED lights. No need to dim your shine this holiday season. Grab some LED lights and hook them up to a timer to save energy and reduce emissions.

DIY your Decor. Pinterest is full of great, EASY DIY decor projects. Instead of going out and spending money on something you might not use again, channel your inner creativity and create decorations out of things you already have at home. Don’t forget to recruit friends or family to help with your project. Not only will your home look fabulous, you will be making memories as you go!

Cheers to you this holiday season! We hope yours is full of love, happiness and joy!

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