Do you know over 500 million plastic straws are thrown away each day in the US?!?  The world's oceans are littered with plastic debris. Eliminating the use of plastic straws is a gateway to bring awareness and action around reducing single use plastic. We can make a huge impact by using one less plastic straw at a time!  Grab a 5 pack of these colorful glass straws. Next time your server offers a plastic straw, pull out your glass straw and say #suckonthis! 

Suck On This | set of 5 glass straws

SKU: 0001

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  • 9mm diameter 

    Your package will come in a mix of the following colors

    - Opaque white

    - Deep Blue

    - Seaweed Green

    - Burnt Orange

    - Tropical Teal

    - Clear

    - Smoke